The 3-Step Kitesurfing Safety System in Lagos

The 3-Step Kitesurfing Safety System in Lagos

Kitesurf safety system is a process of keeping yourself safe while you are riding. The 3-step kitesurfing system includes Let go of the bar, then Activate the quick release and Eject the kite leash. You must have heard these phrases often from your kitesurf instructor. Right? With this article, let us understand the importance of the 3-step kitesurf safety system, about the kite bar, how you can take a control over it, and how you can test your safety systems.

How Does the Kitesurf Bar Control Your Kite?

Kitesurf bar is one essential equipment of the sport that allows you to have a control over the kite, provide direction, and power while you are kitesurfing. The kitesurf bar is more than just a handle – its your direct link to soar the kite high. You must understand how it manipulates the kite’s movements for potentially mastering the art of kiteboarding.

The kitesurf bar is built with precision. When you pull the bar, it tightens the lines, and moves the kite forward. And when you release the bar, it allows the lines to slacken while move with ease. While the bar allows you the control of the kite, it is also designed to enable you to get rid of the kite and its unwanted power, to avoid danger and regain the control in normal as well as critical situations.

The 3-Step Kitesurf Safety System

While you learn kitesurfing, you must also learn these important steps for kitesurfing safety. In case of emergency, you can get out of the trouble and regain personal safety with these 3 steps. As per the severity of the event, you can decide whether it is required to stop after step 1 or you will have to go through step 2 and 3 as well. Let us understand each step here.

Safety System One: Let Go

The very first step to safety is knowing when to let go off the bar. In the event of unforeseen challenges or when the kitesurf bar moves away from you along the throw line, the angle of attack of kite has reduced, which results into less power in your hand, then you must let go the bar and save yourself from the crash into water. Learn from your kitesurfing instructor how to let go off the bar for safety in water.

When you release the bar, your kite will depower and then it will travel to any direction that it is facing. So then, when kite comes on the water, you should pull one of the lines from outside which will get you a water relaunch. By pulling that outside line, your kite gets the edge over the wind or it might go to the neutral zone.

Safety System Two: Eject

Now, you can eject or flag the kite to navigate the potential risk. How can you do that? Push your kitesurf safety system away. This is done for the products of most brands. Only a few brands have different function to eject which you can find in the manual.

While letting go depowers the kite, the eject system takes safety a step further. By detaching yourself from the kitesurf bar, you initiate a rapid depower, that minimizes the force exerted by the kite. This is particularly important in the situations where immediate control is necessary for the rider’s safety.

Safety System Three: Full Eject

If your let go, and eject fails, then you are left with the last option to be safe. Generally quick release or eject doesn’t fail, still in case it does, you need to detach yourself completely from the kite while ensuring maximum depowering. By fully ejecting from the kitesurf bar, you can swiftly disengage from the kite, which provides a comprehensive safety net in this high-stakes situation.

How Often Do You Test Your Kitesurf Bar Safety Systems?

Kitesurf safety is not just a one-time commitment, it is an ongoing practice. You must regularly keep testing your kitesurf bar safety systems, which is a fundamental aspect of responsible kitesurfing. Hence, you must ensure that each component operates seamlessly for when the moment demands.


Kitesurfing is an extreme sport and it can be dangerous without safety in mind. With the thrill of the kitesurfing sport, let your 3-step safety system be your steadfast companion. The synergy between you and your kite can make the sport enjoyable while being responsible and safe.

In the vast expanse of the seas, the kitesurf bar and its safety systems become not just tools for control but guardians of your soaring adventure. Responsible riding is not just a commitment; it is the key to unlocking the full potential of the kitesurfing experience.

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