Practice kiteboarding in Lagos with us!

Practice kiteboarding in Lagos all year round, in complete safety and in any conditions, is possible!

Ria de Alvor Lagoon ( Location)

The Ria Alvor Lagoon is a place with shallow water, flat and surrounded by sandy dunes that protect the offshore winds, being this a great advantage for beginners or intermediate-level kitesurfers.

If you are interested in visiting this place and trying kiteboarding in Lagos, we have a range of services for various levels. From beginner level, Intermediate, Independent, and Advanced. You can also rent equipment.

|Duotone | ION | Fanatic| (Our Kiteboarding and wing foil Equipment)

Our kitesurf school in Lagos is sponsored by the companies Duotone, Ion and Fanatic, which are well-known brands in the world of water sports.

All the equipment used during our kitesurf lessons in Lagos is the latest and most sophisticated equipment of the respective brands.

We ensure that our client has a quality service with the best products in the water sports market. Customer satisfaction is our priority and our main focus.

A happy customer equals a fulfilled company.

Kitesurfing Lessons in Lagos with Algarve Fun Sports

Our kitesurf school in Lagos has a rescue boat and a rescuer. We do boat transfer service to the island and boat rescues!

We operate from the Ria de Alvor spot, where our kitesurfing lessons are held in Lagos. Before each kitesurf lesson, we inform and instruct our students about the Ria de Alvor to enjoy a safe and fun way to enjoy our kitesurf lessons in Lagos.

Our instructors are trained and experienced, which facilitates the learning and evolution of our students.

Discover the world of kitesurfing and learn the important skills to have the kite under control, because kitesurf is an extreme sport, but it’s also extremely safe. Anyone can learn how to kitesurf!

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